Dynasty in India

October 7, 2021
Dynasty in India

Welcome to the gkmaster in today’s post we have provided you with the Dynasty in India which will help you in Competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, Railways and etc. So go through them one by one and try to understand them.

1Haryanka Dynasty Bimbisara 684 BC-413 BC
2Nanda DynastyMahapadma Nanda345 BC – 3621 BC
3Mauryan DynastyChandragupta Maurya322 BC – 185 BC 
4Shunga Dynasty Pushyamitra Sunga185 BC – 75 BC
5Kanva Dynasty Vasudeva75 BC – 30 BC
6Satavahana Dynasty Simuka230 BC – 220 CE
7Kushan Dynasty Kadphises50 AD – 250 AD
8Chola Dynastykarikala190 AD – 600 AD
9Gupta Dynasty Srigupta320 AD – 600 AD
10Chalukya Badami Dynasty Pulakeshin l543 AD – 753 AD
11Pallava DynastySingha Vishnu 550 AD – 897 AD
12Chalukya Vengi Dynasty Vishnu Vardhana615 AD – 1118 AD
13Rashtrakuta Dynasty DantiDurga753 AD – 982 AD
14Pala  Dynasty Gopala750 AD – 1174 AD
15Chola  dynasty Vijayalaya 850 AD – 1279 AD
16Slave DynastyQutubudin Aibak1206 AD – 1290 AD
17Khilji Dynasty Jalal-ud-din-Tughlaq1320 AD – 1320 AD
18Tughlaq DynastyGhias-ud-din Tughlaq1320 AD – 1414 AD
19Lodhi DynastyBahlol Lodhi1451 AD – 1526 AD
20Mughal DynastyBabur1526 AD – 1857 AD

Dynasty in India Short Explanation

  1. The Haryanka Dynasty was the third ruling Dynasty. The founder of Magadha 

Empire Bimbisara was from the Haryanka Dynasty. And the other two rulers are Ajatashatru and Udayin.

  1. The Nanda Dynasty ruled in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent during the 4th century. Its founder was Mahapadma Nanda, a son of a low-caste woman, and the last Nanda King was Dhanananda. He set up a good administrative system that was needed to run an entire empire. That’s why the Nanda Period was considered to be important in the history of India.   
  1. The Mauryan Dynasty was the first Pan-Indian empire and covered most of the Indian region. The first leader, Chandragupta Maurya  started consolidation of land as Alexander the great power became wane.  Alexander’s death in 323 BC.
  1.  The Shunga Dynasty was an ancient dynasty from Magadha that controlled areas of the central and eastern Indian subcontinent. The dynasty was established by Pushyamitra Shunga. Its capital was pataliputra. Pushyamitra Shunga ruled for 36 years.
  1. The Kanva Dynasty, also called Kanvaynas. The Kanva dynasty overthrew the Shunga dynasty in parts of eastern and central India, and they ruled for 75 BC – 30 BC. This dynasty was established by Vasudeva Kanva. 
  1. Satavahana Dynasty played a significant role in Indian history and also known as Andhras in Deccan and their capital was at paithan. Simuka was the founder of the dynasty.
  1. The Kushan Dynasty  also spelled kusana. The founder of the dynasty was Kujula Kadphises.
  1. The Chola Dynasty was a Tamil thalassocratic Empire of southern India. The Chola Dynasty was one of the longest ruling dynasties in the world’s history.   
  1. The Gupta Dynasty founder was king Sri Gupta the most notable rulers of the dynasty were Chandragupta l, Samudragupta and Chandragupta ll. This period is considered as a golden age of India.
  1.  The Chalukya Badami Dynasty ruled a large part of southern and central India. The founder of the dynasty was Pulakeshin l.
  2.   The Pallava Dynasty founder was Simha Vishnu who is said to be a very efficient and strong conqueror and ruler. After the death of Simha Vishnu, Mahendravarman, his son succeeded him and ruled.
  1.  The Chalukya Vengi Dynasty is also known as Chalukyas of Vengi. The dynasty ruled parts of south India. The founder of the dynasty was Kubja vishnuvardhana.
  1.  The Rashtrakuta Dynasty was a royal dynasty that ruled a large part of the Indian subcontinent. The founder of the dynasty was Dantivarman.
  1.  The Pala  Dynasty founder was Gopala.  The Pala Dynasty, ruling dynasty in Bihar and Bengal, India.
  1.  The Chola  dynasty  was the Tamil dynasty ruled primarily in southern India. The dynasty originated in the fertile valley of the Kaveri River.

Important Indian dynasty 

These are the dynasty in India that are mostly asked in the competitive exams and these are the most important India dynasty and mostly asked dynasty in the exams.

  1.  The Slave dynasty was founded by Qutb al-din Aibak. The slave dynasty was the first line of rulers of the Delhi Sultanate , a Muslim Kingdom in north India. Qutb al-din Aibak is the one the favorite slaves of the Muslims.
  1.  The Khilji Dynasty was founded by Jalal ud din Firuz Khalji as the second dynasty to rule the Delhi sultanate of India. 
  1.  The Tughlaq Dynasty also referred to as Tughluq or Tughlaq dynasty. Founder of the dynasty was Muhammad bin Tughluq.   
  1.  The Lodhi Dynasty was an Afghan dynasty that ruled the Delhi Sultanate; it was the final dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate and was founded by Bahlul Lodi.
  1.  The Mughal Dynasty founder was Babur. In 1530 was succeeded by his son Humayan.  

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