Current affairs 15/Nov/2021 to 20/Nov/2021

November 20, 2021
Current affairs 15/Nov/2021 to 20/Nov/2021

Current affairs 15/Nov/2021 to 20/Nov/2021: Welcome to the Weekly Current Affairs section of the gkmaster in this section we provide you the most important and updated current affairs of the week which will help you in yours upcoming exams.

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Current affairs 15/Nov/2021 to 20/Nov/2021

1. Which country is set to host the UN climate change conference COP27 in 2022?
Ans: Egypt

2. Airports in India are declared as “Major Airports” as per the regulations of which act?
Ans: Airports Authority of Indian Act

3. “Historical Resolution” which is in the news recently, is associated with which country?
Ans: China

4. Which country formed a Parliamentary Friendship Association with India recently?
Ans: Sri Lanka

5. When is the “World Pneumonia Day” observed across the world?
Ans: November 12

6. Which company has launched a new smaller dish to connect with satellites in low Earth orbit?
Ans: SpaceX

7. What is the Position of India in producing footwear and leather garments in the world?
Ans: Second

8. Which institution has launched the ‘Swavalamban Challenge fund (SCF)’?

9. Mannu Bhandari, who passed away recently was associated with which field?
Ans: Literature

10. Which Country won the T20 World Cup Trophy 2021?
Ans: Australia

11. Which state has approved ‘Kaiser-i-Hind’ as the state butterfly?
Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

12. Which country is set to host the first tribal nations’ summit since 2016?
Ans: USA